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Rent out a cottage

How to rent out a cottage

How to rent out a cottage with minimal cost? This question is asked every owner of a cottage in Finland. The answer is to rent out a cottage every owner can freely publish the listing on iMokki. You can add a lot of listings on the site at any time to edit them. We do not charge commissions and fees from your tenants - book without intermediaries, all the contacts of the owner.

How to add a cottage

Rent out a cottage - Step 1: In order to rent out a cottage by registering online here.

Rent out a cottage - Step 2: Login to your account and add the listing here. Fill in the common fields that describe the conditions of the rental cottages. Specify the rental price. Add a comment owner, preferably an original and advanced comments, it improves the search of your cottage and enables faster to rent a cottage. Adding photos and video.

Rent out a cottage - Step 3: You will be able to edit the calendar after you created this listing: My Listings -> Edit Listing -> Manage Booking. We note in the calendar dates of employment, reserved earlier.

To rent out a cottage

Rent out a cottage

Available Packages

Membership Plan First* Free Basic
Listing Lifetime (days) 365** 365**
Max Number of Listings 10 1 100
Price for 1 listing 0 0 25€
Number of Pictures Allowed 20 1 20

* Note - The first plan is only the first 300 users, forever.; ** Extension.

The site has a paid optional options:

Slide Show 0 10€ 0
YouTube video 0 10€ 0
"Sponsored listing"*** 20€ 20€ 10€
"VIP Featured listing"*** 20€ 20€ 10€
"Highlighted Listing"*** 20€ 20€ 10€

*** Validity - 30 days.

Tax - included. There are discounts -10% -20%.

Optional paid services is an option highlight your listing among others:

  • Sponsored listing - shown first in the search results;
  • VIP Featured listing - displayed in separate sections and RSS news section;
  • Highlighted Listing - highlighted in the search results.

Using these functions makes it easier to rent a cottage. The decision to use the paid option it takes only the owner of the cottage. Add more options to your existing ads to promote them better.